Welcome, and thank you for visiting RGBlades.com.  My name is Robert Gardner, and I am a bladesmith, blacksmith and craftsman. I make knives because I love knives, and am passionate about the process of making them. As a bladesmith, my main concern is to provide good value for my clients. Whether you are seeking a quality knife to carry and use everyday, or looking for a unique art knife to add to your collection, it is my desire to provide or create a knife to meet your needs. It is with great pleasure that I am able to do this kind of work which involves interacting with knife users and enthusiasts.

Please visit the Bladesmith Gallery to view ready-to-ship Available Knives and pricing. This gallery also showcases knives which I have already made and models which I am currently working on. Perhaps it will provide some ideas about what you might like me to make for you.

Inquiries and orders from both individual collectors and retailers are welcome.